Top 10 Things Never to Wear On Stage

In an industry where getting and staying noticed are necessities, subtle dress is seldom the rule. Flamboyant threads are part and parcel of the whole rock star gig. Yet even in the midst of costumed excess there are certain things which must never be worn.

The following are the ten worst offenders.

Thou shalt not wear:

10. Fanny packs. (Only the sound guy gets to wear a fanny pack. OK...and maybe the guitar tech.)

9. Capes. (Elvis and James Brown get a pass.)

8. Sunglasses on dark indoor stages. (Ray Charles gets a pass.)

7. No shirt. (Phil Collen gets a pass.)

6. A duck outfit. (Elton John does not get a pass.)

5. Your own band's t-shirt. (Except lead singers, for whom being ego-centric is a given.)

4. Bowling shirts. (Unless you are Jimmy Buffet.)

3. Hawaiian shirts. (Unless you are Jimmy Buffet.)

2. Shorts. (Unless you are Jimmy Buffet.)

1. Sandals, crocs, or flip-flops...especially with socks. (Unless you are Jimmy Buffet.)

*photo by MontyPython


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