DiMarzio True Velvet and ProTrack Pickups

I've done my fair share of slagging DiMarzio's Virtual Vintage pickups. I've tried every model and HATE them. In the interest of fairness, I just wanted to post a quick shout-out for the DiMarzio Pro Track and True Velvets. GREAT humbucker and single coil tones for Stratocasters!

I recently replaced all three pickups in my Mexican Standard Stratocaster with a DiMarzio ProTrack (PT) in the bridge, and True Velvets (TV) in the neck and middle positions. I was worried that the PT's higher output and warmer tone would be a mismatch with the TV's more "vintage" output and tone. I shouldn't have been.

The TV's provide plenty of single coil snap and quack. When switching to the PT in the bridge position there is a nice, but not exaggerated or annoying, boost in output. It's warmer EQ turns a Strat's dreaded bridge position in to a warm, friendly "humbucker-ish" tone that is a joy to play. In the number two position (the middle position TV paired with one coil from the PT) there is still plenty of quack for my tastes.

I've owned Strats at every price point, and I've owned pickups at every price point. I can say without hesitation that this is the first Stratocaster I've ever had where I truly loved every pickup position.

Great stuff!


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